Video game Accessories is a distinct piece of hardware that is required to use a video game console or one that enriches the video game’s play experience. Essentially, video game accessories are everything except the console itself. Such as controllers, memory, power adapters (AC), and audio/visual cables. Most video game consoles come with the accessory required to play games out of the box (minus software): one A/V cable, one AC cable, and a controller. Memory is usually the most required accessory outside of these, as game data cannot be save to compact discs.

The companies that manufacture video game consoles also make these accessories for replacement purposes (AC cords and A/V cables). As well as improving the overall experience (extra controllers for more players. Or unique devices like light guns and dance pads). There is an entire industry of companies that create accessories for consoles as well, called third-party companies. The prices are usually lower than those made by the maker of the console (first-party).

This is usually achieved by avoiding licensing or using cheaper materials. For the mobile systems like the PlayStation Portable and Game Boy iterations. There are many accessories to make them more usable in mobile environments, such as mobile chargers, lighting to improve visibility. And cases to both protect and help organize the collection of system peripherals to. Newer accessories include many homemade things like mod chips to bypass manufacturing protection or homemade software.