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3 Best PSP Models Should You Own in 2023

While there will always be new and exciting games on the market, there’s a certain charm to playing some of our favorite classics. And if there’s one console that holds an impressive library of timeless titles, it’s the PSP. After all, it had some of the most amazing games of its time — not just graphically, but narrative-wise, too. This includes God of War: Chains of Olympus and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Indeed, the best PSP models were so well-received that they has sold more than 80 million units to date.

The good news is that PSPs are still being sold today, so it’s not too late to gain access to its games. However, there are also a ton of versions available. This begs the question: Which PSP model should you own? Here are the best of the category.

1. PSP-1000

Credit: Evan-Amos licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

We’re calling it the PSP-1000 today, but it’s truly just a fancy name for the first PSP to ever be released in 2004. Due to the hype surrounding its debut, a lot of fans created “homebrew” packages for it — custom-made programs that allowed consoles to run software that didn’t come in the original system, like YouTube and music streaming services. To date, the PSP-1000 is the only best PSP model that can support all homebrew packages available on its platform. But don’t worry; the later models are still compatible with a lot of them.

2. PSP-3000

Credit: Evan-Amos licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The PSP-3000 released in 2008 very shortly after the PSP-2000. It aimed to solve a lot of the PSP-2000’s problems, like its horrendous battery life and dim screen. In fact, it has earned the nickname “PSP Brite” because of how bright its screens were. Like its predecessors, it used LED technology. LEDs are built with a current limiting resistor, which controls how much power goes to the screen. The lesser the current, the dimmer the screen. Sony toned down the resistor’s effects, making the PSP-3000’s screen the eye-catcher that it is today.

This console is also one of the slimmest and most light weight in the category, making it easy to hold. If you ignore homebrew compatibility, it’s arguably the best PSP of the category.

3. PSP E-1000

Credit: PlayStation Europe licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The PSP was in high demand in 2011 due to games pouring in, which pulled it prices up to new heights. Fortunately, Sony thought that the budget-conscious needed an option, too, so they came up with the PSP E-1000. Sure, it may use mono speakers and has no Wi-Fi connectivity, but the former hardly matters when you use earphones and PS Store access was cut from PSPs a long time ago. Wi-Fi is the last feature you should be paying attention to.

The PSP E-1000 – one of the best PSP models does have two great advantages: better controls and a longer-lasting battery. In fact, it can function for up to six hours. It was one of the first devices to use net ties in PCB design, which made its buttons more responsive. The ties also improved its overall circuit layout, so its power drained a lot slower.

Wrap Up – The Best PSP Model You Should Buy in 2023

Nowadays, nearly every PSP model (except the PSP Go) is priced similarly. As such, the console that you’re going to be purchasing is solely dependent on the features that you’re looking for. Is it a long battery life? Homebrew compatibility? Brilliant display? Whichever option you choose, it’s important to understand that you’ll enjoy the same games, regardless.


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