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How to Sell Old Game Systems in 2022?

So, you came across an old game system in your storeroom or under the bed, but were unable to find out what to do with it? Where to sell it? And how to find the right buyer? 

If this is what your criteria look like, then you’re at the right place!

Due to the latest gaming consoles, demand for the old game systems has declined – and so, it can be a bit hard to find a buyer. But in this guide, we’ll show you how you can do it too. 

Let’s get started.

Can You Sell Your Old Game Systems?

A lucrative way to get rid of things we don’t need is to sell them, right? But when it comes to old game systems, it’s a little tricky due to the change of gaming device standards.

You see, old game systems that were in demand during the 70s & 80s aren’t as valuable today – companies have stopped producing them and only the old consoles manufactured during their eras are available. Also, they’ve been replaced by gaming devices such as the PS5, Xbox Series, and gaming PCs. 

So, have the latest game systems entirely ruled out the old game consoles?

Actually, we’ve recently seen an increase in the demand for old game consoles in this pandemic. This means that there’s a good chance for you to get a higher rate for your old game console – let’s see how.

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How To Dispose Of Old Game Consoles

Here’s how you can ensure that your console goes for a fair price.

Research Whether its Worth Selling or Not

Before you roam around in the market carrying your old game system or fill up FaceBook groups with its ads, conduct some research on “is my game console even worth selling”. 

Place yourself as a buyer and ask yourself, “is this game console worth buying?”. Consider different aspects such as price value, functionality, condition, etc, and you’ll have enough data to base your answer on.

Google the model of your old game system and check its prices on popular online stores such as Amazon – they’ll give you an idea of pricing and usefulness.

As a rule of thumb, you want to ensure that your console is in the best possible condition. If it looks bad, clean it. If it’s faulty, fix it.

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Fixing Issues to Find Good Buyers

No one invests in a product if it cannot properly serve the purpose. The case is similar here. 9 out of 10 people looking for a game console won’t buy it from you unless it perfectly helps them enjoy retro gaming.

So, the result? Make sure your product is faultless and presentable to potential customers – minor faults are ignorable, though. 

Finding a Market to Get The Best Price

After you’re entirely sure your game console is worth the price you’re demanding, it’s time to find potential customers. 

There’s a variety of online stores where you could place ads for your game console. Amazon, eBay, and other online stores are a great way to go. 

But if you’re an instance freak and cannot wait for people to come to see your ad, place an order, and get you the money, the best way around might be looking out for game console sellers that accept game systems as well. 

How do you find them? Well, your criteria show that Retrolio Games is what you’re looking for. Click here to see the pricing we offer for old game consoles. The best part is, we offer money for accessories and small parts of game consoles – such as controllers – as well. 

FAQs About Selling Old Game Systems

Here are answers to frequent queries about old game systems. 

What to do with old game systems?

An old game system can be used for selling, playing games, donating it to a charitable organization, or such. Using it to play games is the best use if you want to revive your childhood memories. 
Or you could sell it, and there are many ways of doing that. The most common ones are placing ads (at marketplaces like Amazon and Facebook marketplace). Or you could easily (and quickly) sell it to us, Retro vGames.
Another great way of using an old game system is to donate it to a trustable charitable organization and help the needy enjoy gaming that they couldn’t afford.

How much does Nintendo DS cost?

The price of Nintendo DS falls somewhere between $20-$300. You see, there’s a wide range of Nintendo DS versions available. The rarer versions cost more and vice versa. Not just that, there are a lot of other factors that the pricing of Nintendo DS varies on. 
The availability of original accessories is top of the list. While getting the original box, condition, etc., still matter and cause ups and downs in the pricing. For instance, a Nintendo DS in clean condition with original box and accessories will cost somewhere around $300.

How much should a Wii cost?

A standard Wii can cost around $50-300 depending mainly upon the condition and various other factors. These factors include availability, age, hardware, and more.

Are game consoles dying?

No, game consoles are still among the best-selling options for gaming. Though PC gaming is also at its peak, it’s a lot more expensive because computers are not specialized for a specific purpose. Therefore, game consoles will never die and are expected to remain the best option for gaming. 


No doubt, the gaming machines of this age have ruled out the old game consoles. But the pandemic has again revived their worth – meaning there’s still some demand for old game consoles.

“How to sell old game systems” is a frequently asked question for people willing to dispose of their years-old game systems. That’s what today’s guide revolves around. I’ve listed the detailed methods for disposing of old game systems and broken down answers to some frequently asked queries. 

Hope this guide helped you sell your old game systems and make sure your old game console benefits you in the end. 

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