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Best Game Boy Games

6 Best Game Boy Games of All Time

If you are in search of the best Game Boy games of all time, then you have landed at the right place!

Old-school video gaming can undoubtedly evoke a strong and wistful feeling in the people that played these games back in those days. You can also have some quality time by playing these games in your free time.

However, the Game Boy has a huge collection to offer. Therefore, choosing one out of so many can be an uphill struggle. That’s why we have come up with this guide for you.

In this article, we will discuss the 6 best Game Boy games of all time that you can still buy and play. Excited? Let’s begin!

6 Best Game Boy Games For You

Even though the original Game Boy didn’t do too well back then, its games certainly did. So, let’s take a look at the 6 best Game Boy games of all time below that you can purchase from any online store.

1. Final Fantasy Adventure

One of the best action Game Boy games, the Final Fantasy Adventure features real-time battles and a top-down point of view. The game adopts the Zelda action-RPG format and further pushes the role-playing mechanics.

Released in 1993, the main aim of this game was to target the people that searched for a more mature adventure game as compared to the likes of Pokemon.

The game lets the users take control of a young swordsman that meets and befriends a variety of party members during his journey across the fantasy world. You can defeat monsters and explore the world while walking in the park or traveling on the bus.

Furthermore, the Final Fantasy Adventure supports crisp graphics and an incredible soundtrack. As a result, fans found this brisk sprawl of classic quite interesting. Not only this, but it also led to the creation of some impressive sequels such as Chocobo in the form of the Mana series.

Best Known For: Adventure, Gameplay, Graphics, Soundtrack

2. Castlevania ll: Belmont’s Revenge

The Castlevania ll: Belmont’s Revenge is known as one of the best horror Game Boy games in the Castlevania series and demonstrates that the Belmonts can kick the monsters’ ass regardless of the size of the console.

The plot revolves around a member of the Belmont clan, Christopher, whose aim is to seek revenge against Dracula who had kidnapped his son and turned him into a demon. Christopher Belmont needs to whip his way through four different castles to save his son and the rest of humanity.

Unlike Castlevania: The Adventure, which was an unimpressive and unoriginal misfire, this game also features sub-weapons such as axes and holy water. On top of that, the gamers have the option to deal with the first four stages in any order that they like.

In addition to this, the graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is awesome. This is what makes it one of the best Game Boy games of all time.

Best Known For: Adventure, Horror, Graphics, Soundtrack

3. Kirby’s Dream Land

Released in 1992 by Nintendo, Kirby’s Dream Land is an action platformer that is known for its irresistible sense of charm and innovation.

The main character is the little fellow named Kirby who is as white as shown on the packaging and soon became the fan favorite. The game allows the player to float like a balloon and swallow its enemies whole. While you can fly indefinitely, the only method of attack during flying is to release the air puff that is held in the character’s mouth. This in turn cancels his flight.

As fun and relaxing as the game was, the cartridge did not have the option to save the file. This meant that the player had to complete an entire game in one sitting. However, considering the fun and easy gameplay, this was not an enormously difficult task.

Best Known For: Gameplay, Light-Hearted, Bright Visuals, Unique Enemies

4. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

Featuring an ace storyline and a refreshing twist on the main character, the Super Mario Land 3 is one of the most sold Game Boy games of all time.

It is the first video game developed by Nintendo that features Wario as both the main and the playable character. Moreover, it also shows the first appearance of Captain Syrup and her Brown Sugar Pirates.

The plot of the game follows Wario who isn’t saving anything or rescuing anyone. All he needs is gold and a lot of it! To fulfill his objective, he starts his journey of stealing treasure from Captain Syrup and her pirates. For this, he will have to explore vast branching levels and put on three powerful helmets. While completing the game isn’t much tough, tracking and stealing every optional treasure is surely worthwhile.

So, if you are in search of the best original Game Boy game, the Super Mario Land 3 with its unique storyline is just right up your street.

Best Known For: Adventure, Gameplay, Graphics, Soundtrack

5. Donkey Kong Land

Also known as the Super Donkey Kong GB in Japan, the Donkey Kong Land is the handheld follow-up of the Donkey Kong Country. Featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in the gameplay. The game is considered one of the best Game Boy games for couples.

The game divides into four different worlds, each world with seven normal levels of its own. In addition to this, there is a boss level in each world and the player must complete it to progress further. Even though the majority of the levels unlock only after completing the previous level, you can access some of them before the completion of the later levels.

Just like other platform games, the goal here is to reach the end level without falling into a trap or letting an enemy beat you in the process. One of the Kongs will run away when the enemies attack. In this case, the player have to be extremely careful to not lose a life because of getting hit by an obstacle or enemy.

Offering a combination of thrill and adventure, the Donkey Kong Land is surely one of the best Game Boy games. So it is definitely worth getting your hands on.

Best Known For: Adventure, Single and Multiplayer, Graphics, Soundtrack

6. Tetris

Classified as one of the best Game Boy games of all time, the Tetris is a game that every other user had because it came free with the purchases of the original Game Boy.

It is one of the first few games that showcased the Game Boy’s multiplayer capabilities. The player could easily duke it out with their friend through a Link Cable. While it is an easy-to-learn game, mastering it can turn out to be extremely difficult.

Even though the game was overlooked by children back in those days. It still attracted teenagers and adults into the handheld gaming community. That’s because scoring the high game was extremely challenging and the theme tune was also quite addictive.

Thus, Tetris with its addictive nature and challenging gameplay is still a delight to play.

Best Known For: Addictive Nature, Single and Multiplayer, Soundtrack

FAQs about Best Game Boy Games

Different people have different questions when it comes to the best Game Boy games. Let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions below.

What is the longest Game Boy game?

Out of all the original Game Boy games, Pokémon Red & Blue is the longest game. While the main hunt and the extent of the challenges will take around 40-50 hours, you will have to invest at least 100 hours if you strive to catch all the Pokémon’s out there.

What is the best-selling Game Boy game?

Tetris is the best-selling video game of all time on the Game Boy. It was first released in Japan on June 14, 1989, and sold a total of more than 35 million units all over the world.

Which is the best Game Boy Color?

The best games available on the Game Boy Color is Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow. It was first released in 1996 and sold more than 30 million units around the globe.

What is the most expensive and rare game on Game Boy?

The Spud’s Adventure is the most expensive and rare game available on Game Boy. It is an adventure game which was released in North America and Japan in 1991 by Atlus and costs approximately $3500.

Can you save your progress on a fake Game Boy?

One of the worst things about a fake Game Boy is that it has a battery-powered save system. This means that when the battery dies, your saved file will be wiped out and you can never recover your game again.


Playing classic retro games can provide you with some sense of comfort along with some escapism. Not only this, but it also brings back all the positive emotions and thoughts that are enjoyable as a player.

We hope the above guide helped you pick one of the best Game Boy Games. So you can spend some quality time in this busy world. However, if you still have anything else to ask, feel free to do so. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Happy Gaming!

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