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Nintendo DS console on a blank background

Why Are Nintendo DS Games So Expensive?

Theoretically, the prices of old games are supposed to drop, but the Nintendo DS games seem to get more expensive.  Being a gamer, you might already know that the prices of the games released for the modern gaming consoles get lower over time. This is logical, as the stuff gets old while their value deteriorates, […]

best multiplayer nintendo ds games

9 Best Multiplayer Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

Kids from the 1990s can proudly say that they have seen the golden age of gaming. One such classic console they got to play on is the Nintendo DS. As a company, Nintendo has always been focused on family-friendly systems and the best multiplayer Nintendo Ds Games which will bring people together. With its dual-screen […]

How to Store Old Game Systems?

Make sure of knowing the best ways to store your old game systems. We know you love your retro gaming consoles, so read carefully and apply the advice we provide so your games live through the generations!

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